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Here comes fall! And with it a myriad of troubles and joys from the change in weather. Cooler weather is welcome after the blistering heat of summer, and though we grumble about the days becoming shorter we see the comforts of winter on the horizon: quiet, comfortable evenings by the fire, maybe a snow day or two, and the happy time of holidays.

Yet the change in weather invariably brings about one of the most bothersome aspects of life: colds and flues. Illness is rampant, unavoidable, and often exacerbated by a heightened time of work and school. Sleep and good health – always an important ingredient to our daily lives – become even more of a necessity as we battle once more getting acclimated to the change in season.

There are many ways to battle the sniffles, runny nose, exhaustion, coughing, and ache: the best and most simple answer would be to get lots of rest. Sometimes battling illness and getting healthy is more important than the deadline at work or the assignment at school; it’s too easy to run oneself into the ground and stay sick for a lot longer than necessary. The sad thing is that this suggestion is quite often answered with jesting disdain. ‘Rest? I can sleep when I’m dead!’ In the meantime we float about our daily lives as best we can while running on medication that simply masks our symptoms or operating through sheer will-power: making our bodies cry out for mercy.

Another habit that we often acquire that’s to our detriment while battling the onslaught of germs and viruses is eating what we want – not necessarily what’s good for us. Some of us turn to ‘comfort food’ to ease our stress when we’re not feeling well. The problem is that the average comfort food does nothing for your health, unless maybe you turn to chicken soup. Force yourself to eat healthier than you may wish to while you’re sick, and all times! You’ll be doing yourself and everyone a favor by healing as fast as possible.

Stick with the basics and (most importantly) continue with regular adjustments. Though the headache, sinus pressure, and general ‘yucky’ feelings make us not want to leave the house venture out to your chiropractor: getting an adjustment will certainly help alleviate some discomfort and will help you on a quicker path to healing.

One of the best things to do would be to work at being healthier all-around in order to prevent from getting too sick too often during cold season (and any time). Regular rest, spinal adjustments, and good nutrition all sum up to better resistance and a healthier life.

Stay warm and rested so you can enjoy the finer things of the change in seasons: the scenery, the holidays, friends, and family. Happy Autumn!

By Ariana of AV Spinal Care

If you live in a city of any size you no doubt spend a considerable amount of time in your car. Traveling to and from work alone can sometimes leave you in a car for an hour or more especially if you commute.

Most of us who do spend that time in vehicles are also on the phone with our head smashed to our shoulder dealing with last minute things such as prepping someone on the morning’s meetings or tasks.

Then when we do get to the office we spent a good portion of the day glued to our computer and again on the phone with our head smashed to our shoulder trying to hold the phone and type at the same time. These tasks can put a huge strain on your neck, shoulder area and lower back, and most of us feel the repercussions on a daily basis.

If this is you, better habits and a good chiropractor can help! Dr. George Khoury of Livermore California is a caring man who has dedicated himself to helping others live a pain-free life. His office is tucked away in the peaceful yet busy town of Livermore California, the center of Alameda County. His friendly, eager to help staff will make you feel right at home as you enter his office.

Getting in is not a problem as same-day and walk-in appointments are always welcome. Whether it’s adjusting your lumbar area or taking pressure off your sciatic nerve a visit to this chiropractor is sure to have you feeling better in a matter of minutes. Chiro care is a safe and effective method of treatment that allows us to maintain our busy lifestyles and remain pain-free.

What if people are interested in the field of chiropractic but don’t see themselves as a chiropractor? There will always be a great need for our chiropractic doctors: the great people who go to school to learn how to better help others through chiropractic. There is also a need for people with a passion for chiropractic from another standpoint.

There are so many things a person can do with chiropractic – and it doesn’t have to be adjusting people. There are many chiropractic-related jobs from administration and management to consulting and public relations, and many more. Practices operate in different ways and have a wide range of services. What non-chiropractic expertise does a chiropractor need or want? What is valuable for a practice to help as many people as possible and stay innovative and excited?

It is a different and exciting field: the chiropractic team. What does a the team look like? Chiropractors: what’s your ‘dream team’?

Summer is here and not quite gone. In the nice weather it is pleasant to think about all the great outdoor activities done best at this time of year: water skiing, boating, swimming, camping, running. Not just running, serious running!

It takes loads of planning to run a marathon – and they happen all over, in every state, all the time! There is great strength in marathons: not only the runners but the support on the sidelines. There is so much hype and advertisements and representation at marathons – is there room for the voice of a chiropractor and his (or her) team?

It is a good place to be with so many health-conscious people and there is no doubt that runners benefit greatly with chiropractic care. It would be interesting to hear if our chiropractors out there have been at marathons: what you do, who you talk to, who you have to get permission from to be there. A great thing to hear would be ideas or stories from experience at such events and pros or cons.

We can all ‘run’ towards better health in more ways than one. Keep running!

If I have a need I, like many people, search Google. So many people are going to Google for everything! When someone turns to Google for something they want results that pertain to themselves: if a person is searching for a chiropractor they are certainly not going to care about the chiropractor hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away.

I found some frustration when looking for a chiropractor nearby Hobart, Indiana. Whenever I search for something specific to Hobart what should appear but information about Hobart, Australia! Australia may be a nice place to visit someday, but Google knows I’m not remotely close to Australia and that information about a Chiropractor in Australia is not useful to me. What’s up Google? Help people better find what they need!

Authored by a chiropractic patient

Moving to a big city from a small town can be exhilarating. The fast passed lifestyle means there’s always lots to do and lots to see. Getting in your car and trying to do and see these things however, can be an experience of it’s own. Busy cities lead to busy roadways and the inevitable irritation of traffic jams.

With the growing warnings of vehicle pollution and global warming many people have decided what better way to get around then on a bicycle. No traffic, no cost of gas, and no pollution. Sounds great right? Except that nagging pain in your lumbar area, or your neck from crouching over to hold the handle bars. Or that aching in your knees when you get home from peddling all day. Riding your bike is a great cost effective, environmentally friendly way to get around, the only price? Wear and tear on your body. Chiropractics can help. Getting adjusted on a weekly basis is a great way to overcome the pain associated with riding your bike and by aligning your body and joints you can prevent long-term damage that can be caused by being misaligned over time. Bike riding is also a great form of exercise but unless you do it correctly it can cause more harm than good.

By being adjusted consistently and getting tips from your chiropractor on how to ride correctly you can assure that your body will get the proper benefits without having any negative long term effects. Riding your bike is great for the environment, so see your chiropractor regularly and keep it great for your body too.

Authored by a chiropractic patient

Lancaster, CA is a great place to call home. The sunny skies and warm weather make outdoor activities seem very inviting. Especially for those of us who enjoy being outdoors and active in our free time. Bike riding at Apollo Park or even playing a round of golf at Rancho Sierra Golf Course are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors in Lancaster. They are also ways that we sometimes end up in pain. Lower back, shoulders and neck are all affected by the activities our bodies endure, but there is a way to enjoy these activities and still remain virtually pain free.

Dr. Frye is a veteran chiropractor that has been in Lancaster for over 10 years helping many of us maintain our busy lifestyles without suffering the pain associated with them. Her office is an experience of its own. The energy is incredible. The front desk staff knows you by name and no matter how much pain you are in when you arrive, I promise you will leave with a smile.

Chiropractic care is a great way to keep our bodies in synch. Whether it’s getting adjusted to free a pinched nerve or just to get our bodies natural alignment back. Chiropractics are a great way to relieve aches and pains of our busy life styles. Chiropractics are a safe, non-invasive alternative to pain pills and muscle relaxers, which only mask the pain and add to the level of toxicity in our bodies. If you enjoy a busy lifestyle and don’t want to be slowed down by pain, come in and see Dr. Frye today.

There are a number of ways people can find chiropractors near them. The problem is finding someone that’s not only close by, but is skilled in what they do, and provides the type of services desired by the individual seeking care.

Do you know a great chiropractor you’d recommend? Doesn’t have to be somebody in your area. People all over the world are searching for chiropractors, and you may just be able to get them connected with someone that’s right for them.

Post a comment with their information (not yours) and tell us something about your experience with that practice. We’ll take care of the rest.

Rising gas prices throughout the United States are affecting all sorts of small-business owners. Chiropractic offices are no different. One of the things required in seeing a chiropractor is getting to the office. Some chiropractic offices are located in major metro areas like New York, and Los Angeles, while other chiropractors have their practices in communities of only a few thousand people.

Drive into the chiropractor’s office once is not such a big deal on gas the driving to an office three times a week can begin to add up. The same goes for any activities people are doing in their local communities. Driving to the gym or grocery store will affect one in a similar way. Most of us don’t go to the grocery store several times a week but we do go to the gym for exercise regularly.

Not recommending that you change your chiropractor, but rising gas prices are one more reason to select someone that is available locally. Of course you want someone possessing the skills to provide excellent care as well.

A chiropractor in Merritt Island had a neat business card for the halloween season that had a cute quote on it…

Health is not TRICKY… When you TREAT yourself to Chiropractic!

Card belongs to Paul V. Grimm, DC – Merritt Island Chiropractor – 110 North Tropical Trail – Merritt Island, FL 32953

Having creative and timely business cards is a great way to keep things fresh. You can reach Dr. Grimm in Florida at: 321-459-9400.